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  • We focus on providing high quality and all-round high-end talent solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

    Since 2009, we have successfully recruited more than 10000 jobs for multinational companies and local enterprises

    Core strengths

    Specialization. Focus
    • Fastest Duty Cycle

    • High-end Position

    • Team Leader   

    • Recruitment Success Rate

    About SMILE

    We are committed to the global medical human resources service

    SMILE Medical Headhunting

    SMILE Medical Headhunting is co-founded by a group senior medical industry specialists as an consulting company that engaged in medical and pharmaceutical consulting services,headhunting services and personnel agency.Our business range including:high-end executive hunting services,personnel agency,commissioned recruitment


    service process

    High quality, customer first
    • 01Business order

      The enterprise has the headhunting cooperation demand, dialing the hotline or online ordering

    • 02Discuss the evaluation

      The two sides preliminarily negotiate, carry on the job evaluation, sign the entrusted recruitment agreement

    • 03Consultant waybill

      The senior adviser docked, outlined the talent portrait, through the database, network, specialized skills to expand 360 - hunting, to conduct the selection interview

    • 04Recommend to hire

      Recommend candidates to customers, review and feedback, arrange interviews, and coordinate the feedback of the two parties

    • 05continual service

      Smile medical headhunter offers a three-month guarantee to ensure that the candidates will continue and stabilize the enterprise

    Core City

    There is a demand, contact us
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